These images are pictures from a trip to New York, the series of images was huge and this is a brief selection aligned to the narrative of the simplicity of ones own first and immediate interpretation of new yet familiar surroundings. New York is familiar to most only through the media, a vision of the city that never sleeps that is fixed in the minds of film and television watchers. These are the eyes i went to the city with, it did not disappoint nor did it enchant, but this is where the hard truth and beauty of New York (i found) lays. The city is what it is, its hard, fast, unforgiving and you get what you expect, it is not for the weak of heart. With this work i tried to capture the daily sights and feel of the city through my eyes, the people and the atmosphere that parts of the city run on. The tranquility that one can find in a city is a beautifully conflicting aspect of city life to witness, the peace one can find in seeing the moving, living people is what the intention of this project is attempting to visualise.