This was a project that focused on the links between homelessness and nature. Homelessness can be viewed in many lights but my intention here was to see how, when removed from the eyes of the general public, whether it's under a bridge or in the middle of a wood, people take pride in their environment. Maybe this want/ need to build a personalised living space comes from growing up with a preconceived notion and built in comfort of having a house/living space, but I saw something very instinctive and almost primal in this act. A bird builds a nest to birth and raise its young, certain species of birds personalise their nest to quite an extent, including bringing unique features to their compositions like man made objects or just objects they've found on forest floors. This (when viewed in this manner) can be seen as possessions and when relating to humans, this is where the link between the two worlds comes in. Building a house of sorts to have a personal space where they can live and base themselves from. Just to be clear I am not comparing the homeless to animals this is merely a study of how certain primal and instinctive acts can be seen both in the natural world and in humans when put into the natural world or when removed from society. 

I chose to collaborate with writer/ artist/ musician and philosopher Joe Hodgson for this project as i feel as though his unique style of interpretation within all said practices would work well as both a complement and an opposition to the photographic work. i felt as though this combination of the visual and written work goes well together and allows for each to stand alone under their own light, giving the project almost multiple available possibilities to its means in which its read, which is the intention to allow the audience to make their own interpretation and appreciate or dislike the work with unclouded eyes.